Teach-the-teacher workshop: ‘Complex intercultural communication’

About 5% of the European population report symptoms for which the doctor cannot find a medical cause that sufficiently explains their symptoms, even after adequate medical examinations. These Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS) represent 20-40% of the caseload of doctors and are one of the most expensive diagnostic categories in Europe.

The crucial challenges in MUS intercultural doctor-patient communication are differences in perspectives, values and beliefs about illness. MUS as well as intercultural doctor-patient communication (IC) does not get enough emphasis in undergraduate and postgraduate medical teaching in European countries despite the burden of the problem in healthcare.

In a joined strategic partnership between the Erasmus MC University Hospital Rotterdam (NL), the University Hospital Gent (B), the University of Szeged (H) and associated partner (t) EACH we address these challenges in a teach-the-teacher workshop on 7/8 September 2020 in Budapest.

Patient-centered communication interventions on functional disorders and health problems among migrants and refugees will be covered in the program, by applying various educational formats and training methods for the approach of MUS.

The workshop will be highly interactive and teacher-centered, valuing participants expertise and contributions as a basic ingredient.

Program and registration will be shared in the last week of April.

Made possible with funding from the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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