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Due to the uncertainties of the COVID-19 crisis we decided to cancel the workshop 7/8 September 2020 in Budapest and instead deliver the Teach-the-Teachers workshop ‘Complex Intercultural Communication’ in a different format:

  • - In 6 online modules of 60-90 minutes, monthly from January
  • – June 2021, different topics will be addressed.
  • - Followed by a face-to-face workshop combined with the final conference of the project (27/28 of August 2021) if possible concerning COVID-19 regulations.

You can register for the online courses on our "events" page!

Teach-the-teacher workshop: ‘Complex intercultural communication’

About 5% of the European population report symptoms for which the doctor cannot find a medical cause that sufficiently explains their symptoms, even after adequate medical examinations. These Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS) represent 20-40% of the caseload of doctors and are one of the most expensive diagnostic categories in Europe.

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Good news, the abstract for Sigma's 31st International Nursing Research Congress, "Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms in Migrants: A Challenge for Nurses," has been selected for an oral presentation.

Sigma's 31st International Nursing Research Congress in abu dhabi juli 2020

Workshop on Friday July 5 2019

As part of the MUPS-MUSIC project, we are organising a workshop on Friday, July 5, 2019. Prof. Dr. Dirk Vogelaers, Prof. Dr. An Mariman and Prof. dr. Peter Vermeir, would like to invite you to participate in this interactive workshop. Items that will be covered include the objectives of the project, training and communication on functional neurological disorders, the viewpoint of patient associations, the competency profile for the approach of MUPS and health problems among migrants and refugees. Your expertise and contribution will be highly valued. In attachment you can find the invitation for this event.


About Us

We aim to approach MUPS in a medical and cultural context.

  • Anne Weiland

  • Peter Vermeir

    Prof. dr.
  • drs. Marlies van der Meer

  • Marta Csabai

    Márta Csabai

    Prof. dr.
  • Melinda Látos

    Melinda Látos

  • Dirk Vogelaers

    Prof. Dr.
  • Katalin Barabás

    Katalin Barabás

    Prof. Dr.
  • An Mariman

    An Mariman

    Prof. Dr.
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